Sensory Bubble Play Skin Happy Botanical Bubbles & Blower Set

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SPIKE Sensory Bubble Play Skin Happy Botanical Bubbles & Blower Set

Long-lasting, mess-free bubbles are here: Say hello to SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play! This sensory bubble toy gives tons of bubbles without the mess or soapy gooey residue. Perfect for sensory play, learning, bubble therapy, the classroom, birthday parties, special events, and more, this uniquely designed bubble system is non-toxic, calming, and worry-free for parents. Made with plant extracts, coconut oil, and purified water, this bubble toy is easy on sensitive skin.

If your toddler loves bubbles, but you hate the mess and constantly dipping a wand into a messy jug, you’re going to love how simple, easy, and mess-free this bubble blower is! Simply pour bubble solution into the tray, dip and twirl the blower, and start blowing bubbles!

  • EASY ON YOUR SKIN: Safer bubbles made with botanical ingredients for cleaner bubble play. Say no to harsh soap & detergents.
  • SIMPLE FOR KIDS TO USE: Uniquely designed bubble blower makes lip rounding exercises easier & more fun!
  • GREAT FOR DEVELOPMENT: Great for speech therapy, oral & motor developmental exercises, visual tracking & special awareness development.
  • FUN WITHOUT THE MESS: Oodles of long-lasting, mess-free bubbles make birthday parties, weddings & special events more memorable.

Care instructions for wand blower & tray

Hand washing is recommended.  Soak in diluted dish soap water mix for five minutes and gently rub the handle and mouthpiece.  Rinse thoroughly. Shake off excess moisture and keep the wand in an upright position to air dry.  Tip: Stick the mouthpiece of the wand to the dipping tray hole to keep the wand upright.  Dry completely before use. 
Top rack dishwasher safe. Avoid sanitization mode and high water temp setting. Dry completely before use.  To avoid deformity and prolong the use of the wand, dishwasher water temperature setting should not exceed 100 degrees celsius/212 degrees fahrenheit
Disinfecting instructions:
After wash, spray with one-to-one ratio mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, including interior of the wand. Dry completely before use. 
Washing tips
  • For best performance, dry wand completely as excess water may dilute and impact the unique formulation of our mess free bubble solution.
  • Shake wand to remove excess moisture. 
  • Keep the wand in an upright position by inserting the mouthpiece to the hole in the dipping tray. 

Warning Attention!
Ages 3+, Choking Hazard-small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 yrs.

CAUTION: Use under adult supervision. Do not drink. This is not a food item. If swallowed, immediately drink plenty of water to dilute the solution. Do not blow bubbles directly into eyes or face. If solution gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water. If any irritation occurs, seek medical advice immediately. Recommended for outdoor use. Wipe and dry if surface become slippery.

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  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Marks on 29th Dec 2023

    This was super product for my son to play with he loved it. So fun and easy plus mess free bubbles.

  • 5
    Super fun to blow

    Posted by KarrieOhKarrie on 28th Dec 2023

    This bubble blower is lots of fun. It's like blowing a small trumpet that makes tons of bubbles. It's super easy to use, just dip the end into the provided cup with some bubble solution and let the bubbles go. It's really easy to blow in so kids of any age could do it. If they can blow air out, they can make bubbles with this. Seems like good quality and durable. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    The BEST bubbles and wand ever

    Posted by Ksey on 27th Dec 2023

    I was skeptical that these would be all that and a bag of chips but let me just tell you my daughter is a bubble blowing BABBYY and that girl gets down with this bubble blower. It is produces so many bubbles with ease and the quality of the bubbles probably help but the wand is just great. I wish I had found these sooner. My daughter has apraxia of speech. And I use these bubbles to help me get her talking the more she speaks the more bubbles she can blow. It is an awesome tool for getting her to speak and try to say new things. I am so thankful for these.

  • 5
    Amazing Bubbles

    Posted by Andrea on 26th Dec 2023

    They are amazing bubbles. The design is simple and it gives the satisfaction you always wanted from blowing bubbles. Which that alone makes them top tier bubbles. Even a toddler can get some bubble action with this blower. As long as the the toddler knows how to blow even a little bit, then they too can have bubbles floating. Now while the bubbles did not drip back into the tube they do drip after a few days of use. The bubble solution seems to not be irritating to my overly sensitive skin. It??s also a shame the bubble kit comes with a 4oz bottle because it seems the bubbles go by too quick.

  • 5

    Posted by LaChyna Hall on 24th Dec 2023

    The bubble wand. The size is perfect for toddlers

  • 5
    Bubbles !!!

    Posted by Carrie on 23rd Dec 2023

    I love these bubbles . They blow out so many and it's easy for my 8 year old to use !

  • 5
    So much easier!

    Posted by Jodie on 20th Dec 2023

    My toddler absolutely loves bubbles but she is always putting the bubble wand right on her lips. This tool solves that problem and also helps develop oral motor skills and lung strength. Comes with a little tray to our bubble solution in so all kids have to do is dip the wand and blow. I also love that the bubbles are healthier and nontoxic

  • 4
    Fairly good, well thought out, requires some hard breathe

    Posted by getCheeky on 19th Dec 2023

    This item comes in folded plastic, the type that never is quite square like it's trying to spring back, and just a single stressed plastic tape to keep it closed. I only bring this up, because that makes it not quite as good for gifting.The bubble set is well thought out. The stand holds the wand and the bubbles in place, and when you remove the bubbles and the spacer ring, you can use it as the bubble dish.The bubbles say they're coconut oil and natural soap, which natural is always a big plus for me.The two sort of issues with this are going to depend on the kid. When the bubble solution is low, you have to rotate the wand around to get all of the bubble rings wet, since it's slightly curved, and the dish is flat. The other is that the mouthpiece, pipe, and end holes are pretty large. So if the child is very young, or otherwise doesn't have much lung capacity, it might be hard to breathe enough air hard enough to get it to bubble well. The total airway is probably about the size of a very jumbo straw.It's a fun little toy, but keep in mind the child you are getting it for.

  • 5
    My favorite Bubbles!!

    Posted by Kimmy on 19th Dec 2023

    I wasn't that much of a bubble lover because of the traditional sticky residue left behind. But this one is different! It's very easy to clean. A quick wipe with wipes and my floor is as clean as before the bubble play!

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