The Best Fidget Toys for the Classroom

5th Sep 2022

The Best Fidget Toys for the ClassroomThe new school year is in full swing, and you may already be noticing that your little one needs a little extra boost to help keep them focused through the day. F … read more

Top 4 Back To School Essentials

16th Jun 2022

Top 4 Back To School EssentialsBack to School is in full swing and, whether this is your first rodeo or your 8th, the past year and a half have changed things up quite a bit. There might be some new i … read more

Gifts for Sensory Kids

14th Jun 2022

This week, we are focusing on Sensory Kids! It can be difficult to find toys that will keep children with Sensory Processing Disorder busy, comfortable and stimulated. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. … read more

E-Parenting: Creating Magic Amidst Chaos

13th Jun 2022

Never in my decade and a half of being an educator and a parent would I have thought that we would be all remote for a good portion of a calendar year. Never would I have thought that all of the zoom … read more