E-Parenting: Creating Magic Amidst Chaos

13th Jun 2022

Never in my decade and a half of being an educator and a parent would I have thought that we would be all remote for a good portion of a calendar year. Never would I have thought that all of the zoom … read more

Pint-size Stocking Stuffers

10th Jun 2022

It’s that time of year yet again, and it is hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. It can be hard to wrap our minds around where to begin with gifts, especially if there’s a new mom … read more

Fidget toys: there's a better option!

10th Jun 2022

Moms, teachers, therapists - everyone has an opinion about fidget toys. They're loud, distracting, annoying, take away from the learning experience. But one question has been posed a lot lately: Why d … read more